HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Yuma Foothills

1 rating

Wow just shocked that I could get 2 bad hair cuts from different stylists and my son went to another stylist and got a bad hair cut. It’s also supposed to be a sports place and they just have the TVs on some home shows my last 2 visits. Very disappointed

2 rating

Brought my 10 year old in for a haircut. There was a stylist free and bumbling around who didn’t take my son. Another stylist finished a haircut and instead of taking my son after she vacuumed , she chatted and walked around for another 10 minutes. FINALLY, both stylist went to take my son at the same time and there was a several minute Conversation about who would take him.After all that, at least the haircut was good and that is the only reason this is not a one star review

1 rating

Why was my review taking down?? On 6/12/17 Monday morning early in the morning I when Sports Clip (clip joint is right) first open up, my thoughts was the stylists would be fresh ready to work "WRONG" I had the worst stylist I've ever had in 70 years of getting my haircuts I've got a lot of good and bad haircut during that my life time and the only differ between good and bad is about 2 weeks. But this haircut will take 3 or 4 months up to 2 haircuts to straighten it out. If I wanted to get just a bad haircut I would have gone to Mexico for 2 dollars, but a least I would have know what I was getting. Hell, there are holes on the side of my head she raise one sideburns but not the other it was like 3/4 of inch off and the back really look bad what a joke. Right away people ask me what the happen to your hair you HAD beautiful hair an I tell everyone to go to SPORTS CLIP to get a cheap ugly haircut like this. I think this person needs to be drug tested really, and go back to school, her license taken way and why is she still working. Oh there going to give me a free haircut what a joke that is a scary thing I would had to rate this haircut a -9. I really do think the women was on drugs.

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